Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still no job... Boston?

Well, still no job.

But I have started applying for anything and everything that might even be 'slightly' suitable, from Assistant Director positions at major planning firms to a kitchen designer to executive assistant roles. Now normally I wouldn't think these positions were suitable, as I would assume some kind of experience or interest in the position would be necessary first. However, the job agencies I have registered with are convinced that I should apply for these jobs, and I guess they would know best!

I'm planning to go to Boston next week. It's about a four hour bus ride from New York city, and I think it will be good to feel all explory again and experience a completely new city. This is what I know about Boston:

  • It's in Massachusetts
  • It's where David E. Kelly sets all his tv shows
  • There's a Liberty Bell
  • Famous tea party
  • Hotbed of American history
  • Famous for Chowder (Chow-dah)
  • The Kennedys
  • Great accent
  • Harvard
  • Beans and cream buns
Hmm... seems I know a bit about Boston after all! I'm looking forward to it, now all I need to do is book my trip.


  1. You should book that tour of the Liberty Bell well in advance because it's a very popular tourist Philadelphia!!!

  2. Yeah. I ah... kinda saw that on the Yankees v Phillies game last night, and felt like a bit of a doofus!

  3. You know waaaaay more about Boston than I do. And my paternal relatives all live there, too.