Monday, October 19, 2009

How to make a sandwich

I call this my 'America Sandwich'.

First, start with two slices of bread:

Apply liberal amounts of peanut butter:

Next come the lucky charms (try to get as many of the charms as possible on there)

Then the m&m's:

Put the sandwich together.

Now enjoy...?

.. ..

Hmm... maybe not.


  1. They have purple M&M's now?!?!

  2. YUM!! Though I never considered lucky charms... I have no idea what goes into those cereal marshmallows.

    I still miss spaghetti on toast... where can I get a can of Watties around Hawaii?

  3. Is it vitally important to use organic peanut butter, if you're following it with lucky charms and M&M's?