Sunday, September 20, 2009

One final trick up her sleeve

Oh Paris, how could I ever have doubted you?

I started the morning like any other - I got up, cursed my room mates for somehow flooding the bathroom (seriously guys, don't they have shower curtains in the country that you're from?), then headed down to breakfast where I would try and discretely break the 'one croissant rule' by hiding behind the less discrete Americans, one of whom I had shared the bottle of wine with the night before. I told her of my plan to reclaim some of the lost magic of Paris by revisiting Montmartre and Sacre Cour, and she asked if she could come along. So come along she did.

This is my favourite area of Paris, and I was worried that visiting it again might cause some of its charm to fade, but I wasn't disappointed in the least. We started by visiting Sacre Cour and taking in the view from the dome. Still amazing, as it was a beautiful day and all of Paris was in view.
Afterwards we went for a walk through Montmarte where we saw many a sketch artist and beret-toting waiter panhandling for our custom. I decided then that I would like somebody to sketch me, but that I would do so after lunch; so we left to find somewhere to eat.

We found a nice little secluded restaurant down the bottom of an alleyway where we had the place to ourselves. I got myself into a little trouble with my French (it's possible I may have insulted the waitress' pets), but for the most part it was a very fine lunch. We stayed there for a couple of hours discussing everything from French food to theories about season 6 of Lost, and then went to pay.

Only to my visa didn't work.

So I had to use the rest of my cash, knowing full well that this meant I would not be able to get a sketch done. I didn't let that discourage me though, as my last day in Paris had also been my best day in Paris. So with the romance reignited for this wonderful city, I boarded my train back to London.

While my affair with Paris may be over, I still appreciate everything she and I went through together, and I'm very glad that we left our relationship on an extremely good note. I may go back there one day, and while I'm seeing other cities, she will always have a special place in my heart.

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