Monday, August 17, 2009

They call me Dances with Gypsies

Day one in Budapest: still have my wallet.

So far so good. We arrived in Budapest aroud noon yesterday and explored the town a little, seeing everything from Parliament to Heroes Square to the infamous House of Terror (home of the Nazi Arrow Cross Secret Police and then the Soviet Secret Police after that).

First off I went for a stroll along one of the market streets, with my dear old mum's warning about pickpockets making me paranoid enough to keep one hand on my wallet at all times. I needn't have bothered though, as the streets weren't so crowded and a little common sense will go a long way to avoiding being pickpocketed. My main advice is to not accept hugs from gypsies, lest they exploit my obvious desire for human contact and remove my wallet.

Last night we went out for dinner to a traditional Hungarian restaurant, complete with dancing gypsy boys and girls, and a singer that sounded as though Edith Piaf had swallwed a cat. The meal consisted of a good goulash, something with chicken, and a dessert pastry thing that I'm sure had a name.

Just after the main course (and half a jug of sweet white wine), one of the rather attractive Romani girls pulled me up onto the dancefloor, made me skull a half jug of wine, blindfolded me, and made me dance a hungarian dance around a couple of wine bottles on the floor.

For those who have seen me dance, you probably know how this went. I was awesome.

Today my plan is to wander the streets in search of a fortune teller and an ice cream.

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