Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sleeping with a Giant

I did it - three countries in a day.

I arrived here around 2pm yesterday afternoon after a transit flight through Riga, Latvia. Latvia is a lovely country, with many great stores and a love of duty free shops. After spending two hours there (I think that is all the time anyone can spend in Latvia), I boarded a plane to Vienna.

The tour company that I was with recommended taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel, at an approximate cost of 40 euros. I took the train for 3. On the train, I sat next to another backpacker (an Australian) who turned out to be on the same tour as me so we buddied up and found the hotel together. We arrived at the Hotel Artis and were thrilled to see that it had a four star rating. We checked in and went into our rooms.

On this tour we have to share a room with another tour mate, but he hadn't arrived and the receptionist reassured me that we had separate beds. Entering the room I noticed that this was correct in only the most broadest of definitions. There were two single beds in the hotel room, but they were pushed together as though some elderly couple were trying to revive a lost romance. I dumped my bags and prayed for a little guy to avoid any roll-together.

My room-mate is 6'6'', and is a kick-boxer. There was roll-together.

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