Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ice Bar Baby (or One is the Loneliest Number)

Drinking alone is a sad enough thing to do.

Having an entire bar to yourself is even sadder.

Paying a $50 covercharge to get in to an empty bar...

Well, you know the rest.

Okay so it wasn't all bad. It was Copenhagen's Ice Bar - a bar made completely out of ice. Even the glasses. The covercharge did also include a drink, which turned out to be rather drinkable. But since not even the bartender hung around after making it, I decided to cut my losses and return to a world not made out of frozen water.


  1. There's too many ice bars. I think when you come back to Wellington you should open the world's first fire bar with firey furniture and glasses made out of flames! You shall name the bar 'Flare'.

  2. Lol... clearly no-one goes to Ice Bars - I went with Jennah in Melbourne, and while it was nice to have the Irish bartender to ourselves for a while, it was a little lame... and then we were joined by 4 Japanese tourists (not even a busload!!) and decided to take our leave :-)