Saturday, July 25, 2009

Auckland - a good place to fly away from (T-0)


I'm not actually in Beijing yet, but am sitting in the Koru lounge waiting to board my flight. It's been a bit of a mission so far. I was supposed to meet my dear Auntie in Auckland on arrival in Auckland, but when she didn't show I went to meet her at the international terminal. Only she wasn't there.

I waited.
She wasn't there.

I eventually got hold of her by ringing her house - an enormous (and embarrassing) miscommunication and stuff-up by me meant that I was waiting outside while she was driving around outside.


But never mind. I am now through airport security and have made my way to the Koru Lounge where I have liberated a lonely bottle of Marlborough Sav from the fridge and am proceeding to indulge in a little of NZ's finest. It's because I'm patriotic.

This time tomorrow I will be in Beijing. In fact, in around fourteen hours I will be in Beijing.

It is unlikely that I will be updating this blog until I reach Europe (difficulties with internet access), so my next update will be from Sweden. Lovely.

I'm sad to leave NZ, but I'm even more excited to be going somewhere awesome (i.e. THE WORLD)!!

I don't mind Auckland - it's a good place to fly away from.

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