Wednesday, July 15, 2009

...and so it begins (T-10)

Right, so here it is then.
10 days to go before I embark on my big adventure overseas.

I have finally sorted most things out:
  • I've found somebody to take over my room (maybe even including my bed!!)
  • I've packed most of my stuff up and taken it home to the folks
  • I'm now living out of a suitcase, and
  • I have set up a blog so that I can keep all of you up to speed without having to write you another stinking email (love you Mum).
For those of you that don't know, I am going on a trip. Well it's probably more of an adventure, really. My very good friends Roberth and Emma are getting married, and I've decided that it's exactly the sort of thing I should go to. The wedding is in Sweden, so I figured that I would make a trip out of it and see some of the northern hemisphere for a while. Here's what I'm doing:

I'm leaving NZ on Saturday 25th July, and going to Europe. Through China. Apparently it's what we do now, so I'm excited about that. My vague itinerary is this:
  • 26 July - arrive in China (Asia)
  • 29 July - fly to Sweden (Scandinavia)
  • 10 Aug - make my way to Copenhagen (Denmark), hang out
  • 14 Aug - make my way to Vienna (that's in Austria!)
  • 14-26 Aug - take part in an organised group tour with people who are hopefully over 23years old... this will go to:
  • Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam, then to
  • 26 Aug - Paris!
  • Stay in Paris for a week, then go to Spain or the UK.
  • Hang out in the UK for a month, then...
  • 28 Sep - fly to NY!
  • Hang out in the US, then...
  • 5 Jan - fly to San Fran, then...
  • 14 Jan - fly home to NZ!
Wow, so I'm tired (and broke) just from writing that.

These will be my travels, and one of my goals is to keep this updated at least a little bit while I'm away. Another goal is to make it back in one piece. I also have a couple of side-goals (win lotto, solve the recession or a rubix cube), but for now I'll stick to what I know.

Keep a look out,

PS - I will never start or end my blogs with bible quotes or lame poetry (though maybe a haiku). This is a promise.

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  1. Go to Spain, Spain fricking rules. And also, the more haiku the better.