Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things to do in San Francisco, or 'Yay, a new city!'

There are many things you can do while in San Francisco.

You can:
- enjoy some of the finest (read: most expensive) dim sim in the world - (tick)
- find and devour the best deep dish chicago style pizza you will ever have in your life - (tick)
- explore Castro, or what I lovingly refer to as 'Rainbow Plaza' - (tick)
- ride the cable car like a tourist, by hanging off the back and yelling 'Screw you world, I'm riding a cable car like a tourist!' - (yes, tick)
- bike across the Golden Gate Bridge - (tick... no wait, untick)
- find and partake in a crazy themed restaurant/bar, such as... oh I don't know, Hooters - (tick)
- eat at a crab shack - (tick)
- go to Alcatraz - (tick)
- take a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge covered in fog - (tick)
- walk up and down some of the main streets, getting lost - (tick)
- confront a homeless man about his awful poetry - (tick)
- see an improv show at BATS - (tick)
- have a drink at a gay bar - (tick)
- take photos to prove that you did these things - (tick)

I've always been a sucker for the 'dead inside' look:

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside (yes, I'm a nerd)!

My last stop on my trip was certainly a good one. I met a bunch of great people, started the transition back to kiwi life, and gorged myself on Mexican food and deep dish pizza. All that was left to do was make it to the airport to begin the long flight home.

Thank you, San Francisco.

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