Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tick Tock...

This week.

I'm going to do it this week. Something's gonna happen - I can feel it. Well actually I can feel that something needs to happen. Maybe it's the change of seasons, maybe it's the fact that I still haven't found a job or moved into the city, or maybe it's that I'm just getting a little stir crazy. Whatever it is, I have decided that by Sunday I will have found a place in the city.

I probably won't have found a job by then, but I think that being in the city will at least motivate me to either look harder for a job, or will allow me that chance meeting to bump into President Clinton and have him offer me a job at his foundation. It's how we roll.

I found an agency online that acts to find people apartments in the city - apparently from $200/week (I'm guessing 'from' is the operative word here). This looks promising, and will allow me to experience living in Manhattan, which should also give me the chance to do some pretty cool sightseeing without having to worry about missing the train back home.

It's now 11 November, and I'm still here. This is my chance to push myself, jump in the deep end, and figure out if I can sink, swim, or just belly-flop.

This week.


  1. Yeah - it's a bit too cold now to be living on the streets.