Saturday, December 5, 2009

Laundry Day

Most apartments and such in the city don't have a washing machine or dryer, so I have to use a laundromat. It's kind of cool that so many people in the city have to use this to do their washing.

Okay sure, I know there are a few that send their clothes out, but for many, this is a perfect chance to chill out, as it's not always the best idea to leave your underwear unattended for too long.

It's also reasonably affordable. $2 gets you a double load wash done, and it's 25 cents for six minutes in the drier. So a load of sheets (today's adventure!) will only cost me around $2.75 - much cheaper than washing your laundry in Sweden ($40).

It's raining today, so not much with the sightseeing. I'll probably just hang out and catch up on some work, and also maybe some DVDs. Also it's rather chilly, and the natives are thinking it's going to snow soon.

Exciting! Maybe I'll get a white Christmas after all?

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